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The following Featured Performers are ideal for Middle School programs!
pt bullet African Drum Program
smcake50An extremely popular entertainer wherever he has gone, Dennis is a renowed drummer/percussionist who has made a name for himself as an elite music educator, session player, and accomplished performer. The accent of this program, ideal for Middle School settings, is to introduce the group to the unique flavor of the African drum. Using a technique of educational activities, he guides the class through the necessary skills needed to create a rhythmic orchestra. His easy going style and compassionate manner will make the students feel comfortable and relaxed. Dennis is an endorsed recreational drum facilitator for a major drum company.

Length of program is one hour.
pt bullet Hip Hop Dancing Program
smcake50Get set for a lively, energetic event with great music. Very appealing to the Middle School age group. Austin is a masterful performer with much interaction. This has been our most popular program over the last three years.

Austin has always enjoyed entertaining people by making them laugh with his silly antics or leaving them in awe from his animated, funky, and explosive dance moves. More importantly, he strives to inspire students to think about dance and music as an artistic expression. His goal for youth is to encourage them to use creativity as a positive outlet to increase one's self esteem.

Forty-five minutes or two half-hour sessions for the same price.
pt bullet Master Mike's World of Talent
smcake50High energy and versatility are displayed in this wonderful program. Join Mike in an experience of comedy, magic, juggling, unicycling, and entertainment sprinkled with advice stressing values, judgment, and educational enrichment. Audience interaction and fulfillment are always priorities.

His polished presentation is consistent with his experience as a college instructor, Mike's goal is to leave all in attendance with smiles on their faces and a lasting message that will help make them feel good about themselves. Fort-five minutes. Will do two half-hour shows at the same price.
pt bullet Disk Jockeys
smcake50Pam, Peg 3, Austin & T.C. Ford

Click here for descriptions.
pt bullet Biggest Little Circus in Town
smcake50In this student friendly acro - comedic act, Heidi and Mimo delight audiences of all ages with acts of daring and acute skill.

Witness with joy extreme unicycling, club juggling, Chinese yo yo, devil stick, and some awesome balance on a really big rolling globe.

They provide all around merriment and good times, so audience participation is a must. Heidi and Mimo have also traveled extensively and their knowledge of places and cultures offers some educational benefit for the students. Forty minutes. An optional 90 minute program is also available.
pt bullet Contact us for more info

316 Knapps Highway,
Fairfield, Ct 06825

142 Cynrose Place
Meriden, CT. 06451
(860) 276-8639

pt bullet Dancing Around the Globe

Professional performers lead the children in lively and enjoyable dance routines specifically formulated for their age group. Programs include Nifty Fifties, Latin, Hawaian, and a Master Show called World Dance which includes Irish, German, Middle Eastern, Latin, American, and Italian dances. Nice costumes as well as the huge amount of audience participation add to its appeal. At least two dancers lead the activities and sometimes elementary school aged youngsters accompany the cast as a special treat. This is one of the finest programs to join the Party Troupe in years. Normal length of performance is one hour, but they can do two or even three half hours if requested.

pt bullet Caricatures by George

George has been traveling around Connecticut, New York, and Massachusetts entertaining crowds with his caricatures for almost twenty years! He strives for a high level of quality and professionalism in all of his work and brings that same attitude to every caricature he draws. A caricature by George will give you and your party guests a unique and lasting souvenir to remember the great time you had and how great you look in cartoon form!


You do the easy work - just sit and look pretty (or handsome) while George captures your cartoon likeness on the page. He prefers to draw a caricature of you at your best, instead of the usual "big ears, giant teeth" variety that you get at amusement parks. Whether you're getting drawn solo, or with a friend or loved one, George's goal when he draws your caricature is to give you a picture that will make you smile! And remember, no peeking until the caricature is done!

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